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We introduce you to the classic beef steaks

A steak has to be a pleasure from start to finish. This depends not only on the right meat selection, but also on how uniformly it is cut, how long the meat is suspended, how the animal has been dissected, which breed it belongs to and above all how the cattle are fed and kept.

  • (1) Rump:
  • (2) Fillet:
    Filet, Medaillon, T-Bone-Steak
  • (3) Knuckle:
  • (4) Sirloin:
    T-Bone-Steak, Beefstriploin, Sirloin-Steak, Beefsteak, Porterhouse-Steak
  • (5) Flank:
  • (6) Rib:
    Beefsteak, Rib-Eye-Steak
  • (7) Brisket:
  • (8) Chuck:

Joe's Steaks

Our steaks come exclusively from oxen of the breeds Black Angus and Hereford. The willow cattle, in the sense of the word, get their food by wandering for more than two years in the Argentine Pampas. On the farm of the Solana family, our contract partner, there is no stable farming, no mast feeding and no antibiotics. Guaranteed!

More Natural and biological is not possible.
Not even more delicate.

These steaks are available at Joe Peña's Stuttgart

  • Filet in "Joe's Surf & Turf" (2)
  • Sirloin in "Prime Beef Striploin" (4)
  • Rib-Eye-Steak in "Slow roasted Rib-Eye-Steak" (6)
  • Rumpsteak in "Carne del Rey" (1)
  • Rib-Eye-Steak in "Costillas Cubana" (6)
  • Rumpsteak in "Rumpsteak estilo Joe Peña" (1)
  • Filet in "Filete Buenos Aires“ (2)

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